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Aligning Nation with Kingdom for Freedom


        As people of faith, our destiny is to make the kingdom of God visible to the world.  As Americans, we carry the banner of freedom in the world.


        With the dialogue, ideas and comments generated from this site I hope present a larger world view and three directives that will reverse the erosion of American cultural institutions and the alarming growth of government.

        In our history, charismatic leaders, including Ronald Reagan, would use brief whimsical phrases to provide vision, inspire hope and move the nation forward.  Terms such as the “Shining City on a Hill” or a "Thousand Points of Light” or a simple “return to our Founding principles” inspired many Americans over the years.  


        But quotes and whimsical phrases fall far short of the vision needed today.  We are in desperate need of more detail!

        Sixteenth century French theologian and reformer John Calvin once said “We must make the invisible kingdom visible in our midst.”


        This vision of freedom originates from the directives of the cultural mandate found in the biblical book of Genesis, requiring strong institutions supporting the pursuits of worship, charity, procreation and enterprise for the benefit of every man, woman and child. 


        It provides light to the path, clarity and a new purpose that will bring hope to those who have lost faith in our country and its leaders.  These directives may seem odd, too simple or even foolish at first, and they are very large in scope:


  • The reformation of charity

  • The strengthening of the child/parent bond

  • The lessoning influence of government in the public square


        Integrating these directives into our culture will require millions of people, from the common man to influential leaders from all sectors of our society, including business, education, media, religious, technology and the bully pulpit of the Presidency and Congress.

        If you are tired of watching the decline of this nation and fed up the "gerbil wheel" politics of both parties then join me in the discussion! 


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