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  • George Radanovich

The New World

If America were on the mend, what would it look like?

How would it happen?

Dollar Lake and Fin Dome in Sequoia National Park

I'm very close to fulfilling my dream of hiking the John Muir Trail, a 211 mile trail along the crest of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, from Yosemite Valley to Mt Whitney. I hiked the first 30 miles by myself almost 40 years ago, and another 180 miles over the last three years with my buddy Dave Fogarty. We just finished 90 miles this August. I could not get a permit to exit Whitney Portal, so I will go back and summit Mt. Whitney from near Lone Pine, a mere 1.9 miles and I'll be finished.

During our backpacking trip, we were not connected to the outside world for 9 days. As we exited the high country, our phones loaded up with messages and emails when they finally connected with a signal. The curiosity of what we missed while we were gone became an inspiration for my next series of posts.

What if we were all gone for a period of time, out of touch with the outside world and we returned to see America, and the world in a better place .... on the mend?

Starting at Bishop Pass. Dave went on to hike the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) from the Mexican to the Canadian borders.

Finally the lesson had been learned, our country was lost without cultural reform. Realizing this, Americans came together, organized and pulled the few but powerful levers to restore our society. Their influence grew, word spread throughout the land, people began to listen and the gap between us began to close.

Corrosive and mean-spirited rhetoric started to disappear and people came together to solve community problems. Slowly, schools started to improve, mass shootings came to an end, prison populations went on the decline and our neighborhoods became safe again. Eventually, amendments to the Constitution enacting a part-time Congress and reducing the reach of federal government were passed. In the end, socialism was defeated by freedom, brotherly and parental love and the world took note.

Mount Whitney near Guyot Creek

My next series of blogs will show how this could happen. Americans from all walks of life galvanizing around a few simple objectives. People in groups like the American Society of Cinematographers (ASC), the Parent Teachers Association (PTA), a Wall Street executive, a United States Congressman, the motion picture Directors Guild of America (DGA), forgotten men and women, the Chairman of Fox News, the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), County Supervisors, the President of the United States, a former New York City Police Commissioner, the National Rifle Association (NRA) evangelical preachers and more.

They convinced America that the conservative way is brotherly love and freedom and it will win the war against Socialism. Stay tuned.......



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