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Convinced that we will continue our leadership role in the world, this website and blog is a unique discussion of what we must do to preserve our American heritage.


California native George Radanovich planted the first vineyard and opened the first winery in Mariposa County since Prohibition. After serving on the Mariposa County Planning Commission and Board of Supervisors, he ran for Congress and won election in 1994 with the largest margin of victory over an incumbent that year. He was the first winemaker to serve in Congress since Thomas Jefferson and led the California delegation on water, foreign agriculture worker and international issues.


Over his sixteen-year term as a conservative United States Congressman, Radanovich observed the erosion of our social institutions, the futility of social initiatives directed from the beltway of Washington DC, and the growth of government regardless of which party was in charge.  


In 2010, upon the death of his wife he returned to California to raise his son, King.  He published a book, The New World Order is the Old World Order, outlining the social value of the cultural mandate found in the book of Genesis, as a guiding light for the civilization of free nations.  


Radanovich is a native son of Mariposa, California and enjoys hiking Yosemite National Park and the High Sierras.

Please join Radanovich in the discussion for a more perfect Union by aligning our nation with the kingdom of God for freedom throughout the world.


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Click below to order my book, published in 2011.  Join the discussion on on this blog site to contribute ideas for an upcoming revised edition titled
Building the Stone Kingdom

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